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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers About Our Affordable Beach Weddings
What Florida beach wedding services do you provide?
Our All Inclusive Beach Wedding Packages are designed for couples eloping in Florida and destination wedding groups, as well as local couples. Our Wedding Concierge services provide guidance to Florida beach wedding locations, reception venues & lodging. We also book Basic Officiant & Photographer Services at hotels, indoor venues & beaches . Those seeking the romance & ease of a smooth sailing Dinner Cruise Reception will love our most popular combination – a beach wedding followed by a yacht or party boat dine & dance reception.
How can we help you?
Weddings On a Whim books the following: 1. Officiants 2. Photographers 3. All Inclusive Wedding Packages that include the above plus arches, chairs & runways 4. Three dinner cruises, i.e. yachts & a party boat . We lead couples & other ceremony planners to: 1. Beach locations 2. Reception locations 3. Lodging 4. Wedding related services, such as cake companies & florists We apply for most beach permits & sometimes guide couples how to do so.
Where could you have a beach wedding on the Gulf Coast of Florida?
We service 24 miles of the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast. Our favorite locations include Clearwater Beach, Treasure Island, St Pete Beach and more. See our favorite Florida beach & other locations here
How do you book a beach wedding with us?
After sharing your details at our Contact Us Form, we will check availability, answer your questions & guide you further. If you prefer to talk to a live person, please give us a call at 727-581-3446. Or email us directly at at WeddingsOnaWhim0@gmail.com
How do you pay for your wedding?
Upon booking ,we will send a Confirmation Agreement that includes where to send the retainer. We request a 50% retainer 2 weeks after booking. The balance will be due at the ceremony.
What are your prices for receptions?

Rates will depend on your guest count. Dinner cruises range from $48.48 – $64.92 p/p We will book those for you. All other receptions would be researched, negotiated & booked by you. Restaurants – with separate banquet rooms – begin as low as $15 p/p & go up as much as $50 p/p Banquet Halls – work w/caterers. Spaces range from $300 to $3,000. Caterers range from $25 p/p up. Hotels – work w/Catering Sales Department. Beach site fees begin at $75. Catering in banquet rooms begin at $40 p/p for brunch & go upwards to $169 p/p Most couples choose a “cash bar” option where guests pay for their own drinks. House drinks begin at $3.50 – $9.00 & up (based on the establishment)

What discounts do you offer?
Sunset Vistas Beachfront Suites, Treasure Island To get a special rate, use Promo Code: WEDWHM online or over the phone (1-866-597-1600 or 727-360-1600). or Click Here   Dollar Rent a Car Phone # 800-800-1400 Corporate Code: PJ2001 or Click Here
What weather solutions do you offer?
We do our best to work around rain. Most often we wait out the bands of weather on the day of the wedding – usually 20 or 30 minutes does it. No additional fees would apply for up to 45 mins. If you are concerned about weather predictions and you would like to change your plans, Please contact us 24 hours in advance to check the next available date or change of location – as it will be necessary to contact all the involved parties and suppliers, such as crew, photographers, officiants and your guests. As a backup: many couples use their reception venue. You may also rent a nearby banquet hall if you’d like, Just let us know and we’ll send you a list of nearby banquet halls.
Where can you meet us?
Weddings On a Whim is an internet company without a storefront. By providing free telephone consultations & emailed guidance, we keep your fees low. If you would like to schedule a telephone consultation or video chat, please let us a know a few times that may be best for you. Couples often meet us on site, following a beach wedding.
Are rehearsals necessary?
By sending you a checklist for you to complete & send to your officiant: We save you the $100 fee to facilitate a rehearsal. You may schedule a time to review your timeline & details w/your officiant over the phone. If you’d like: You may plan a walk through with your wedding party (so that everyone may know where to be). However: It isn’t necessary because we guide you all upon arrival to the wedding site. Please let us know if you would rather schedule a rehearsal.
How do you acquire a Marriage License?
Click Here for Marriage License Details • Simple process: Takes a half hour. • Fill in an application. • No witnesses, blood test or wait period. • The State of Florida requires you apply in person at a Florida Courthouse. • Bring photo i.d. & proof of divorce (if within six months). The Officiant stamps it, signs it & fills out a few spaces. • He/she then offers to either mail it for you; or give it back to you – in order for you to return to the courthouse where you applied w/the goal of obtaining a “legal copy.” • The final copy comes to you from Tallahassee & takes up to 4 wks to make its way through the system & to your home. • The license goes back to the county courthouse; then to the State Capital; then it is mailed to you. • To ensure they have proof before leaving the area, many couples opt to take the license back to the courthouse for the legal copy