By: Founder Gayle

Introducing Lenny The Skeleton!

Lenny is the mascot of Sheryl’s family from Jacksonville, FL. He was the first to arrive for Sheryl & Kelly’s Big Day. He got a little sun burn waiting for the ceremony to start.

Lenny smiles wide as he enjoys the company of the other guests when they arrive to the ceremony at the Thunderbird Beach Resort in Treasure Island, Florida.
“Why doesn’t your tie match the wedding party colors?” asks the Bride’s Grandmother. “I was just dying to get here on time, I couldn’t wrap my skull around what the colors were.” Lenny responds with a blank expression.
Mom & Dad give Sheryl a kiss,  Lenny wants to kiss her too but he is just too rickety to stand.
Lenny enjoys the ceremony with the rest of the honored guests.
Lenny wouldn’t be caught dead crying so he turns away when the photographer goes to snap a photo.
Lenny has been the center of attention in Bride’s family for ages.  Now he joins Kelly’s family too.
Very ready to get to the reception, Lenny starts to eat his tie as an appetizer.
Stay tuned for more Happily Ever Afters