How to Save Money on a Wedding Receptions Part 1:
by: Founder Gayle

A post wedding gathering at a restaurant is a relaxing way to celebrate.  Often guests order off the menu while enjoying the ambiance of an informal setting.  This is an easy way to choose a reception at a friendly and often very affordable place.  You may bring your own cake or choose from the establishment’s cakes or pies (Key lime is a local favorite).

  1. Restaurants with a private dining area

 Many hotels (such as the Sunset Café at Sunset Vistas Resort, Treasure Island) and restaurants (such as the Island Way Grill, Clearwater) offer separate banquet space.  Couples seeking an easy & affordable gathering following their wedding often choose this option.  They will be greeted by the staff, led to the private space and given the royal treatment by the professional several servers.  These restaurants also offer to cut a specialty cake the couple brings.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Madeira Beach is a famous local restaurant with a separate diningroom for 40 ct.  A St Petersburg Downtown restaurant with a delicious menu & separate dining spaces is 400 Beach Seafood & Tap House.  The usual duration for a restaurant reception is from 2 to 2.5 hours.  You can arrange special food & drink menus for your specific group or arrange for guests to order off of a menu & order individual drinks.

  1. Restaurants with an affordable, casual menus

 If your group is less than 20 ct & they’d enjoy a casual seafood restaurant with drinks,  PJ’s Oyster Bar in St Pete Beach is a terrific choice. Menu items start at $8 (for a hamburger), $12 for chicken and go up to $23 (for lobster).  Our community offers many seafood restaurants that accommodate small groups.  If the restaurant doesn’t have separate space, the staff will push tables together or provide you with a section of their dining room. Crabby Bill’s in St Pete Beach welcomes groups who enjoy sitting at indoor picnic tables with a view of the Gulf of Mexico.  Their seafood includes crabs, shrimp, oysters & much more beginning at $12.99.

  1. Brunch Receptions

When you have plan a morning wedding, you can pair it with a brunch reception.  These buffet offers are always well priced.  Check with Sal a restaurant such as Feola’s inside the Thunderbird Hotel, Treasure Island for their courtyard offer.  Some couples prefer breakfast foods.  Others order rice & meat & vegetables.  Restaurants offer specialty dishes too.

4. Dinner Cruise Receptions

The very best deal in our area is a reception dinner cruise.  This floating restaurant offers gatherings in a section of the dining room, entire decks or whole boat charters.  The 2 to 2.5 hour cruises include a meal, D.J. entertainment & champagne toast.  You may bring your own specialty cake.  There are bar options; however the most affordable choice includes a no host bar when guests pay for their own drinks.

Dinner cruises are $44.88, $58.50 or $64.92 per person.  There are yachts with plated (sit down) dinner & a party boat with a buffet (help yourself) dinner.  The boats sail the smooth waters of the intracoastal waterways with beautiful views.  The Tropical Party Boat (at $44.88) includes unlimited beer, wine, rum punch & sodas.

The very best full boat charter is aboard one of the 2 yachts.  For only $52.50 per person & a minimum of 50 guests, this $2,604 reception with entertainment is a steal.  The sleekest yacht departs from St. Petersburg & has a capacity of 150 ct.  The larger yacht from Clearwater accommodates up to 240 ct passengers.

  1. Other Restaurants

There are many restaurants in towns like Largo & Clearwater that offer affordable & fun meals.  Rooster Fish Restaurant, Largo has a separate room for groups.   Ethnic Restaurants, such as Thai or Mexican cuisine will add a special flavor to your celebration.

Restaurant Receptions are a welcomed choice of busy brides & those who are on a budget.  We hope this post has assisted you in planning your wedding receptions.  Thank you for taking the time to read our suggestions.  Stay tuned for how to save money by booking Banquet Hall Receptions near the Gulf Beaches of Tampa Bay.