By: Gayle Liteheart, Founder of Weddings On a Whim

Tequila Toast Wedding Ritual

If a couple shares a love for libations, they may add a unique and fun element to their wedding ceremony, The Tequila Shot Ritual offers a delightful option. Whether it’s tequila, whiskey or champagne, this ritual can be adapted to include any alcohol couples enjoy together.

Introducing the Tequila

The groom’s thoughtful gesture of bringing an elegant Clase Azul decanter, along with two crystal glasses, added a touch of sophistication to the ceremony. Before the start of the ceremony, the groom placed them on top of a pedestal. Situated at the altar for everyone to see set the stage for the upcoming toast.

Beginning the Ritual

We began the exercise after the ring exchanges and before the closing of the ceremony. The Officiant said “The bride and groom have chosen to symbolize the joining of their two lives by participating in a very special Tequila Shot ceremony.”

Comparing Tequila to Marriage

Then he or she says, “Honored Guests, let’s take a moment to appreciate the parallels between a good tequila and a good marriage.

They both warm you up from the inside, give you that extra oomph to tackle life’s curveballs, and sometimes leave you with a bit of a headache; but that’s all part of the adventure, right? Like a forgiving spouse, Tequila always brings you back to its loving embrace.”


Instructing the Couple

The Officiant directed the couple to stand behind the pedestal. Then he/she asksedthe groom to get the shots ready. They are told not to drink it yet; because everyone present is going to cheer them on with a “3, 2, 1 – Countdown.”

Instructing the Guests & the Toast

The Officiant says, “Now, Honored Guests, when I say Go, we will all yell, “3, 2, 1 – CHEERS!”

The couple then enjoyed their first toast as husband & wife.

Photo Shoot

During their photo shoot, the couples returned to the pedestal in order to enjoy a second shot “reenactment” of the first. The photographer captured a photobomb at this beautiful Treasure Island Beach Wedding.

tequila wedding toast

In Addition to This Fun Ritual

Other exercises offered during our weddings include:

  • The Unity Sand Blessing (when couples blend sand into a keepsake container as a blessing is read over them)
  • The Stepchild or Children acknowledgements (that often includes a vows & gifts for the kids).
  • The “Will you accept this Rose?” prop that holds the ring.
  • And a Baby Blessing

Getting Everyone Into the Act

Interactive Exercises – that get everyone into the act – include a Stone or Shells Blessing (where each guest is invited to hold onto a shell or stone and put their blessing and love into it during the ceremony). Couples choose to take the shells or stones – to be displayed within a keepsake container at a place of honor at their home. Or, following the ceremony, everyone is invited to line up at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico while the photographer attempts to capture them throwing the stones or shells into the water.

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