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Wedding Photography

$200 for 40 / $325 for 80 Digital Images

Seeking wedding photography in Florida?  This slideshow shows a sample of wedding photography done by our artists and proves they are talented!  With combined experience of more than 100 years specializing in beach weddings. All our professionals offer beach wedding photography, other weddings (including parks and churches), receptions, engagement photographs and family portraits.  Wedding photography by Weddings On a Whim’s team is included within our All Inclusive Wedding Packages or sold separately with our wedding officiant services.

Working with a photographer enhances your wedding.

They are there to cover all the precious moments from start to finish.

30 years from now, when the memories have faded, photo reminders will serve to bring back your special day.

Our photographers know how to work with the bright Florida sunshine, white sandy beaches and the stunning sunsets to make the best of the lighting and the ambiance.  Photography is at its best on Florida beaches.

After the wedding, the wedding party and other small groups of family and friends gather around the couples to take photographs. For romantic shots, the wedding photography takes place by the water.  As you can see from the slideshow, there are many opportunities for lovely photos.

Spontaneous shots are often fun (see the kids covering their eyes when the newlyweds kiss?).

Anything can happen at a Weddings On a Whim Florida beach wedding.

Although white and tan are the most popular wedding wear colors, red and green tone clothing and setting colors photograph the best.  This includes coral and orange colors.  Aqua is a second favorite and although it isn’t as rich as green and red tones, blue tones match the water and capture the sky for lovely wedding photography.

Due to wind on the beach, wearing a veil is not recommended.  The wind can blow a veil to and fro and sometimes make it swirl.  This movement is neither complementary or easy to photograph.

May we suggest that any wedding ceremony, large or small include wedding photography?  Hiring an affordable professional makes all the difference for those photographs everyone will want to see and you will want to enjoy for many years to come.

Livestream Video

Videographers bring the legacy to weddings. Our list of Video Referrals includes a variety of experienced and talented videographers. Their fees are affordable and the memories they provide are immeasurable.

To “invite” guests, who cannot make it to the wedding: we’ve partnered with a terrific Video Company and now offer Livestreaming Services for eloping & other couples, families & friends. If your budget allows, sharing your ceremony as it unfolds; or turning your wedding experience into a movie are options you will be happy you made for years to come.  As time goes by, your children will especially enjoy watching the day when Mom and Dad got married!

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