Event Venues: Banquet Halls

Why Book a Banquet Hall?

Rather than an all inclusive reception package, Banquet Halls give couples the freedom to make many more choices.  These places may be free standing, a part of a complex or inside a hotel.  Event centers sometimes serve the community in other functions, such as The Magic Ballroom in Largo.  Churches have recreation halls that are well priced.  Municipalities have large rooms that can be rented at good prices. The City of St Pete Beach and the City of Madeira Beach offer spaces with water views.  The Lions Club Treasure Island is great for a beachfront reception. A unique venue in both Largo and Palm Harbor is the Verizon Event Center, located at the back of a Verizon store.

Banquet Hall Traditions

These spaces offer privacy and ample parking, along with availability for up to 6 hours.  Brides who are talented with details and organization skills find banquet halls; so they may decorate, choose all the vendors and coordinate their celebration. Banquet halls allow opportunity for dancing and other entertainment.  The hosted traditions of cake cutting, champagne toast and bouquet/garter toss take place at banquet hall receptions.

Some banquet halls require you purchase insurance for the event.  There are restrictions regarding alcohol and sometimes what vendors you may hire.  Our Wedding Concierge will provide you with a list of local venues for you to research for your reception arrangements.

Resorts Reception Solution

Instead of a banquet hall reception, resorts are a popular option for locals and travelers alike.  Most resorts have catering sales staff that represent banquet rooms and menus and to coordinate the event.  This support makes reception planning easy.  Group room discounts  are an incentive for couples to choose a hotel for their reception.  See some resort choices here.  Our Concierge will provide you with lists.


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