Restaurant Receptions

Discover Spaces That Offer Professional Service, Affordability, and Ease for Wedding Groups.

Why choose a restaurant reception for your wedding?

Restaurants are popular choices for a wedding reception.  Rather than a banquet hall or hotel venue, restaurants also offer space and professional service for large and small groups.  First of all, restaurants offer affordability and ease.

Ask our FREE Wedding Concierge for restauraunt contacts so you can make arrangements. Make one call to reserve your tables, and the work is done.

We have divided local restaurant suggestions into several catergories. These include Clearwater/North, Central/South, Waterfront and private spaces.

WaterColour Grill House, Clearwater Beach
Buoys Waterfront Bar and Grill, St. Pete Beach

Reception Ideas

Breakfasts, brunches and lunches for wedding receptions are budget efficient.  Plated dinners or are more expensive; however, they are often less expensive than receptions inside banquet halls at event venues or hotels.  Most of all, couples save the work and worry that goes into planning more elaborate gatherings, along with the expense of site fees and service fees (such as bar set up fees) that are charged at banquet halls and hotels. 

The Central/South region includes a scattering of small towns with informal and formal restaurants.  A favorite fine dining seafood & steak restaurant is The Salt Rock Grill in Indian Shores.

Rather than a more formal setting, some couples prefer a casual cabana at Caddy’s Waterfront, Treasure Island or a courtyard gathering the SeaBreeze Restaurant or the Sunset Café at Sunset Vistas Resort.

Waterfront Receptions

A wedding reception at restaurants cost less because private space or shared spaces are free with the purchase of food.  Some facilities offer separate, private or semi private decks and rooms.  Sometimes choose couples share their experience amongst other diners inside the dining room, reserving a portion of a restaurant.  The section is often separated by a cake table.

Private Receptions

Because some restaurants are closed during the day, some owners may offer to open their establishment for a private celebration.  Keep in mind,  the average duration for a restaurant reception is two hours, making yours a succinct event just long enough to celebrate and just short enough  to keep your budget short.

 Eliminating Work with a Beach Restaurant Wedding Reception

In conclusion, a wedding reception in a restaurant is best for those seeking affordability and a no fuss, no frills celebration. In the nutshell, you and your guests will be treated like royalty by professional restaurant staff and proprietors.  You have eliminated the work, worry & cost of seating arrangements, decorations, entertainment and other nagging details that are required for banquet hall and hotel receptions .