By: Founder Gayle

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Greetings readers!


I am delighted to welcome you to our new mobile friendly, device responsive website. The entire Whim Team hopes you will enjoy using this site as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.
My plan for this blog is to share ideas & tips for weddings, receptions & philosophies that assist couples “keep a happy marriage happy.”
The following is a message from “Making Marriage Simple, ” by wonderful marriage counselors Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt. It has been said that this book should be in every bride & groom’s gift basket.


“Over the last fifty years, scientists have been documenting what has come to be called ‘the marriage advantage.’ … married people on average are healthier, live longer, enjoy higher incomes and raise healthier families. The role of those choosing to commit to a life partner is that of friend, supporter, advocate and healer. It is about growing oneself to take on the welfare of the other. It is about committing to create a healthy relations in order to mature as an individual.”