By: Founder Gayle

Greetings! I have written & spoken to thousands of future couples during my 14 years as a wedding Concierge & Wedding Officiant. Many couples ask how to save money on a Florida Beach Wedding. I’ve created this blog to help them (& you) do so. In the future I will share more ways to plan & save money for your wedding. Today, let’s talk about Florida Beach Wedding money saving opportunities. My hope is to guide you to an affordably unique & special ceremony.

One easy way to save money is to take advantage of  weekday discounts.

On Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s & Thursday we offer $100 off our all inclusive Florida Beach Wedding packages.

The benefits of weddings during the week include:

  • Last minute bookings are often available.
  • The Florida Gulf Coast beaches are less crowded.
  • The atmosphere appears more spacious & relaxed.
  • Our Florida beach road, Gulf Boulevard has less traffic.
  • There is ample parking available for groups with many guests.
  • Hotels often offer lower rates during the week and during low season.
  • Restaurants have less patrons.
  • It is easier to book last minute receptions.

Another easy way to save money is to eliminate traditions and do it your way

These could include:

  • Weekday Weddings.
  • Chairs.  If everyone stands during the wedding, your ceremony will become a “heart to heart” celebration.
  • If your friends take the photographs for you:  We will discount an All Inclusive Package by $125 for taking out our package photographer
  • Choosing a location on a Florida public beach or hotel beach (when booking rooms there) that doesn’t require a beach permit fee.

To have your perfect wedding:

Consider thinking outside the box, making your own statement.


For more help on how to save money for your Reception Planning:

Look for our next  blog.